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A spiritual heritage with many faces

Saint Joseph's Oratory of Mount Royal is recognized as the largest shrine in the world dedicated to Saint Joseph; a jewel of Canadian history! A haven of peace and spirituality in the heart of Montréal, Saint Joseph's Oratory offers religious celebrations, concerts, exhibits, and a host of other activities. In the spirit of its founder Saint Brother André, this center of pilgrimage continues its ministry to all people in this unique setting of natural beauty. Founded in 1904, this sacred space welcomes over two million pilgrims and visitors annually. there are many services such as lodging, restaurant, gift shop, exhibition halls and meeting rooms, for an enriched cultural and spiritual experience.

The history of St Joseph's Oratory

Founded in 1904 by Brother André and his friends, the original tiny chapel gradually grew over the 20th century into the impressive structure it is today. This great adventure is one that is shared by the entire Quebec population. After more than a century, this sanctuary of prayer and peace is still going strong thanks to the inspiration of its founder.

Did you know...

  • Visitors can climb 283 steps at Saint Joseph's Oratory between street level and the Basilica;
  • A flight of 99 wooden steps is reserved for prayer and for those pilgrims
    who wish to climb on their knees;
  • Two million visitors and pilgrims visit the Oratory every year;
  • The Basilica can seat 2200 people;
  • Every year the Oratory distributes over 100,000 bottles of Saint Joseph's oil.